Another year in writing

Happy Hogmanay! Around this time last year, I wrote a review of my writing in 2016 and made some resolutions for 2017. I usually start each year with ridiculously overambitious plans to change my schedule and productivity and general personality, but surprisingly I’ve done sort-of okay on these! My aims were:

  • Write two more books. 
  • Related: stop wasting so much time on the internet, especially Twitter.
  • Keep writing short stories. I’m so bad at everything about them, so I want to keep practising and hopefully produce at least one decent one. (I’d settle for half-decent, to be honest.)

#1: I did indeed write two books this year! I completed the first draft of a manuscript that I was hoping would be Book 2, but when I discussed it with my agent she felt it might not be the best follow-up to Out of the Blue (I’m hoping to go back to it soon, though). So I then wrote another one instead, which I submitted to my editor a few months ago.

#2: Yeah I did not stick to this. At all. If anything working from home has meant I’ve spent even more time faffing around online.

#3: Eh, well, I did write one half-decent short story which I’m quite fond of… but that’s the only one I wrote. So I sort of completed this, but not really.

So, 1.5 out of 3 – not amazing, but a much higher ratio than most my resolutions. I also finished editing Out of the Blue, started several new projects (two of which I think have potential) and read 80 books. So all in all, not a bad year writing- and reading-wise. For 2018, my writing plans are:

  • Edit Book 2
  • Write a first draft of what will hopefully be Book 3

And that’s it. I’m starting a job next month, in addition to my two part-time jobs, so I’m going to have my work cut out for me to get that done as well. I also want to read a book a week, and take up a new hobby. Maybe ice skating.

Happy New Year to you all, and happy writing!





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