Book deal news!

I still can’t quite believe this is real (I’ve had to read every email about 20 times just to make sure) buuuut… I have a book deal! Aaaahh!

My YA novel Out of the Blue is going to be published by Macmillan Children’s Books in Spring 2018. I’ve massively overused the exclamation mark and the grinning emoji since the news was announced in the Bookseller this morning, so here’s a trio of Drag Race gifs to convey my excitement instead.


I went to London to meet some of the Macmillan team a couple of weeks ago. They were lovely, really enthusiastic and full of amazing ideas, and I’m so excited to get to work with them on this book – I know they’ll do a beyond brilliant job!

I’m also feeling incredibly lucky to have had support for Out of the Blue from the Bath Children’s Novel Award, Caledonia Novel Award, Undiscovered Voices and of course, very grateful to my awesome agent Hellie Ogden for making this happen.

So many feelings. It calls for more Drag Race gifs.


Now I need to get on with writing Book 2… apparently the second one is always the hardest, so please send tips, good vibes, sweets, gin or anything else that may help.


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