If blogs were Tamagotchis…

If blogs were Tamagotchis, mine would be doing that thing where a creepy pixelated ghost floats over a gravestone. (For those who weren’t children of the 90s, that means it’d be deid.) I’ve neglected this page for over a month, mostly because I have a faulty concept of time and think everything happened about 2 days ago. However, in this time I have:

  1. Got to level 9 on Alphabear. Huge achievement.
  2. Been to France. In fact, I am still in France, in bed at 10pm because je suis vieille.
  3. Had food poisoning TWICE. No soy amiga de la gamba.
  4. Found out I did not win the Caledonia Novel Award (but was still very pleased to be shortlisted!)
  5. Read quite a lot of books – more on those below.
  6. Attended the Undiscovered Voices launch in London.

My trip to London was a definite highlight of the past month (though beating level 8 in Alphabear comes a close second; I was stuck on that badlad for AGES). It was a great night, a little bit overwhelming – more people than I expected, and I have the social skills of Ron Swanson and a hermit crab combined – but it was really fun to meet some agents and editors, and of course the competition organisers and the other writers and illustrators featured in the anthology. People in publishing, or at least children’s and YA publishing, seem to be a very nice bunch!

I was also lucky enough to get several offers of representation from literary agents, before and after the party, and had a few meetings while I was there. I’m hoping to make my final decision very soon and then get started on edits. Very exciting times!

This has, however, meant my writing has been a little bit in limbo for the past few months. The agents I spoke to had quite varying ideas about how the book should be edited, so I’ve held off on making any changes until I sign with someone. I’ve been working on another novel which I’m really excited about, but I haven’t got into it as much as I’d hoped as I know I’ll be going back to Out of the Blue (or whatever its final title will be – that’s going to be one of the first things to go)

Anyway, the upside of this is that I’ve been reading loads, trying to get through my TBR list, and almost everything has been excellent. I’m on such a roll! My top 5 so far…

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 17.00.06  peter   EE-200x300   the-bell-jar2   914doR5FJKL

I can’t believe it took me 28.7 years to read The Bell Jarby the way. Seriously, what was I doing with my time?! Speaking of which, I’m going to make a start on the next one. Bonne nuit !




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